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Royalty Free Music CDs and DVDs

Virtually no sound recordings are in the public domain due to a tangled complexity of federal and state laws. For a one time license fee, you can use these professional music recordings as many times as you like for any multimedia project you ever create.  Use this royalty free buyout music for film, video, broadcast or live presentations!

  Flagship Royalty Free Music Library The finest royalty free music tracks you can find anywhere ! ! !  Select Individual CD's or the entire Flagship Music Library set.  These professional music themes are absolutely ready for prime time. Audio CD
Sound Effects with 5 CDs
  Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music Library Choose from 131 CD's of Full Length Music Themes with 30 and 60 second shorter variations.  Romantic, Comedy, Drama, Classical - whatever music you need you will find it here. Audio CD
per CD
Thematic Packs
5 Categories on DVD

Need a large selection of similar music styles?  Here are BIG sets of related tracks.  Choose from Thematic Packs of Cinema & Movie Scores, Industrial-Action, Rock & Blues, Soft Acoustic Styles, or Urbana.
Lots of tracks - One low price.
$ 89.00
Hymns Contemporary arrangements and straight-from-hymn-book for 22 best known hymns.  44 hymn recordings that you can use for video, background, accompaniment, or where ever you need religious music ! ! ! Audio CD
Data DVD
$29.95 or $39.95
Mzzz Music Over 200 short music tracks ranging from 1 to 60 seconds.  Ideal for radio or commercial use.  Professional Quality Stereo WAV files. WAV Files
Data CD
  MIDI Track Series 50 MIDI Tracks ready for any multimedia use you need.  Great for web programmers, speakers, and multimedia specialists.  Data CD format with MIDI files. MIDI Files
Data CD