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Music 2 Hues Flagship Music Library

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Flagship Library Complete

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The Flagship Library contains hundreds of full length stereo music themes for your movie, video, TV show, or commercial.  Listen to music selections on each CD page at right.  You can license this wonderful music library four different ways:

1 - Select the Individual Audio CDs You Need.
2 - Download Individual Tracks or Full CDs at our Download Center.
3 - Purchase the entire Flagship Music Library in WAV Format for $649.

This is not just a festival license - you can put your project on TV or radio, in movie theatres, paid seminars or commercial teaching videos -- wherever your project needs to be seen.  You've got to design, direct, and produce, but we've got the music all ready -- just for you ! ! !  Looking for distribution???  No music licensing problems here - the music for your movie or video is royalty free and ready for distribution.

Click on any CD Link and listen ! ! !  The quality of the clear and mastered professional stereo tracks is far better than you hear on the MP3 Demos made just for web listening.  These selections are original themes written for sound and picture.  In addition to the long theme, you are given short versions, alternate versions, and underscores.  Just what you need to consistently use the same melody for a character, a place, or a product.  

This is a 100% Royalty Free Synchronization License.  You can use all of this music for any multimedia project you create -  as many times as you like FOREVER ! ! !

PUBLIC DOMAIN STATUS:  The Stereo Sound Files on these CD's are NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.  You are purchasing an individual lifetime license to use this music for any multimedia project you create, but the CD and music files remain the property of Music 2 Hues, Inc.  You cannot copy, lend, or trade these Audio CD's.  They are licensed only to you, the original purchaser, for use, and you cannot sell or trade these CD's to any other person or company.  You are licensed for any commercial voice-over use, but your license does NOT allow singing "karaoke" style over the tracks to release as records or CD's.  You CAN use the music for any multimedia project you design for yourself or work-for-hire for others.  You CAN use all of  this music as many times as you like as part of any project you create.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:   These CDs contain Stereo Sound Files (CDA-Red Book) which can be auditioned on your CD player or on your computer using software like Windows Media Player, Quick Time, RealPlayer, Sound Forge, or Pro Tools.    These files can also be easily used with Power Point Presentations.  Most audio editing software can import stereo sound files files or convert them to WAV files as needed.

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• Flagship Library Complete
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