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Musical Works Published in 1923
Enter the Public Domain in the USA on January 1, 2019

Beginning in 2019, new songs will enter the USA public domain every year on January 1. No new songs have entered the public domain for 20 years because of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998. On January 1, after 20 years of waiting, songs published in 1923 will become public domain in the USA.

We will accept orders for 1923 PD Reprints beginning on December 26 with first shipment on January 1, 2019. We will soon be adding lists of 1923 Children's Songs, Spirituals, and Hymns. If you will need reprints of 1923 songs not listed below, please call or drop us an email so we can have your order ready to ship.

Piano with Rose

Songs Entering the Public Domain on January 1, 2019

Song TitleAuthors
w=Words   m=Music
Annabellew. Lew Brown, m. Ray Henderson
Bambalinaw. Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II m. Herbert Stothart & Vincent Youmans.
Introduced by Edith Day in the musical Wildflower
Barney Googlew.m. Billy Rose, Con Conrad
Beside A Babbling Brookw. Gus Kahn, m. Walter Donaldson
Broken Hearted MelodyGus Kahn, Isham Jones
Carolina in the Morningw. Gus Kahn, m. Walter Donaldson
Charleston w.m. Cecil Mack, James P. Johnson.
Inspiration for a dance craze.
Come On, Spark Plug!w.m. Billy Rose, Con Conrad
Covered Wagon Daysw.m. Will Morrisey & Joe Burrows
Dirty Hands! Dirty Face!w. Al Jolson, Clarke & Leslie, m. James V. Monaclo
Dizzy Fingersm. Zez Confrey
Down Hearted Bluesw. Alberta Hunter, m. Lovie Austin
Dreamy Melodyw.m. Ted Koiehler, Frank Magine, C. Naset
Faded Love Lettersw. Richard W. Pascoe, m. Luella Lockwood Moore, Will E. Dulmage
Farewell Bluesw.m. Elmer Schoebel, Paul Mars, Leon Rappolo
Frasquita Serenade [Operette]Franz Lehar
Grandpa's Spellsm. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
He Loves It
(Home In) Pasadenaw.m. Harry Warren, Grant Clarke & Edgar Leslie
Horsey, Keep Your Tail Upw.m. Walter Hirsch & Bert Kaplan
I Belong to Glasgow
I Cried For You w. Arthur Freed m. Gus Arnheim & Abe Lyman
I Love Lifew. Irwin M. Cassel m. Mana-Zucca
I Love You: Je T'aime!w. Harlan Thompson m. Harry Archer.
Introduced by John Boles and Margaret Wilson in the musical Little Jessie James
I Won't Say I Will But I Won't Say I Won't w. B. G. De Sylva & Ira Gershwin m. George Gershwin.
Introduced by Irene Bordoni in the play Little Miss Bluebeard
I'm Goin' Southw.m. Abner Silver & Harry Woods
I'm Sitting Pretty In A Pretty Little Cityw.m. Lou Davis, Henry Santly & Abel Baer
Indiana Moonw. Benny Davis, m. Isham Jones
It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'w.m. Wendell Hall
I've Got the Yes We Have No Bananas Blues
Just A Girl That Men Forgetw. Al Dubin, Fred Rath, m. Joe Garron
Kansas City Stompm. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
La Rositaw. Allan Stuart m. Paul Dupont (Pseud. of Walter Haenschen)
Last Night On The Back Porchw. Lew Brown, m. Carl Schraubstader
Linger Awhilew. Harry Owens m. Vincent Rose
Louisville Louw. Jack Yellen m. Milton Ager
Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses
Mama Goes Where Papa Goesw. Jack Yellen m. Milton Ager
Mama Loves Papaw.m. Cliff Friend & Abel Baer
Mexicali Rose m. Jack B. Tenney
Mr. Jelly-Lordm. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
Mon Paradis (Sérénade d'Aujourd'hui)m. Cuthbert Clarke
Moon Lovew. George Grossmith, Jr. & P. G. Wodehouse m. Jerome Kern
From The Beauty Prize
My Sweetie Went Away w. Roy Turk m. Lou Handman
No, No, Nora w. Gus Kahn
Oh Didn't It Rainw.m. Eddie Leonard
Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love
Old Fashioned Lovew. Cecil Mack m. James P. Johnson
Old King Tutw. William Jerome m. Harry Von Tilzer
On The Mallm. Edwin Franko Goldman
Once In A Blue Moonw. Anne Caldwell m. Jerome Kern
Orange Grove In Californiaw.m. Irving Berlin
Out Where The Blue BeginsGraff, McHugh, Grant
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
The Pearlsm. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
Raggedy Annw. Anne Caldwell m. Jerome Kern
Rememb'ringw.m. Vivian Duncan & Rosetta Duncan
Seven Or Elevenw. Lew Brown m. Walter Donaldson
Sittin' In A Cornerw. Gus Kahn m. George W. Meyer
Sleepw.m. Earl Lebieg
Smile Will Go A Long Long Way
Sobbin' Bluesw.m. Art Kassel
Some Sweet Dayw. Gene Buck m. Dave Stamper & Louis A. Hirsch
St Louis Bluesw.m. William C. Handy
Stellaw.m. Al Jolson, Benny Davis & Harry Akst
Swingin' Down the Lanew. Gus Kahn m. Isham Jones
Tell Me With A Melodyw.m. Irving Berlin
That Old Gang of Minew. Billy Rose & Mort Dixon m. Ray Henderson
Tin Roof Bluesw. Walter Melrose, m. New Orleans Rhythm Kings
Waitin' For The Evenin' Mail Billy Baskette
When Clouds Have Vanished And Skies Are Bluew.m. George M. Cohan
From the musical The Rise Of Rosie O'Reilly
When It's Night-Time In Italy, It's Wednesday Over Here
When June Comes Along With A Song
When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right Inw.m. Irving Berlin
Who'll Buy My Violetsw. E. Ray Goetz m. Jose Padilla
Who's Sorry Now?w. Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby m. Ted Snyder
Wild Flowerw. Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II m. Vincent Youmans & Herbert Stothart
Wolverine Bluesw.m. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton, Benjamin Spikes & John C. Spikes
Yes! We Have No Bananasw.m. Frank Silver & Irving Cohn
You'll Never Miss Your Mother Until She's GoneSung by Ethel Waters
You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Nightw.m. Con Conrad & Billy Rose

1923 Song Hits Already In the Public Domain
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Song TitleAuthor
Aggravatin' Papa
Baby Won't You Please Come Homew.m. Clarence Williams, Charles Warfield
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Katew.m. Armand J. Piron
Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
T'ain't Nobody's Business If I Dow.m. Porter Grainger, Everett Robbins
Way Down Yonder in New Orleansw.m. Henry Creamer, Turner Layton
Wonderful Onew. Dorothy Terrris, m. Oaul Whiting, Ferdie Grofe
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