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Privacy Policy:

We collect no individual data whatsoever on our web visitors. We do regularly review aggregate web visitor statistics provided by Googla Analytics.

If you place an order, your private information is handled exclusively by a single individual, and no PD Info customer information can be accessed by anyone else.   For books and sheet music orders, you will receive and email from us at the time your order is placed and when it is shipped. We do occasionally telephone if additional information is needed to complete your order with prompt shipment. Customer order information is stored on in-house computers only, not on the web.

We do NOT sell,  swap,  or give away email addresses or any other information about our customers or visitors.

If you purchase a lifetime Royaltry Free Music License, your permanent music license information is recorded on a local PD Info computer and provided to the Music Publisher issuing your Royalty Free Music License.

If you have questions, give us a call at 770-993-8074 and let's talk. We are here to help with your music needs and will always respect your privacy.

PD Status:

We offer only items which we believe will be of substantial value as a resource for Public Domain music research.  However, some of the sheet music included in books sold here may not be in the Public Domain in the United States.   It is imperative that you understand the criteria for songs or music to be in the Public Domain and that you make your own decisions regarding risk associated with the use of ANY music selection.  Haven Sound, Inc. accepts no liability for errors or misuse wherever they occur or whatever the circumstances.


We charge current prices for all items in stock and try to honor current prices for back orders.  Should a substantial price increase prevent our honoring current prices on Out of Stock items, we will contact you for price approval before we ship any back ordered item to you.

Shipping Charges:

We work very hard to keep our Shipping Charges as low as possible. Sheet Music Reprints still remain at $1.50 per order Flat Rate Shipping via First Class Mail. Due to recent large shipping charge increases, Express Mail and Priority Mail are available for the USA and Canada only. We can no longer ship books outside of the USA and Canada.

Return Policy:

Please please place orders carefully for it is long established practice that sheet music is not returnable unless defective.  If you feel you must return an item, we will refund the price of any item returned within 30 days in original condition.  Shipping charges are not refundable.  For returned music recordings, a signed-hand-written note will be required stating that the music was never used and all copies of the music tracks in your possession have been deleted.

Back Orders:

We normally have substantial stock in house and hope back orders will be rare.  If we are out of stock on an item of you ordered, we will ship items In Stock and contact you for instructions regarding Out of Stock items.  Additional shipping charges will not be incurred if multiple shipments are necessary due to items being Out of Stock.

Contact Us:

Mailing address is: Haven Sound, Inc., 225 Corinth Court, Roswell, Georgia 30075.    Email address is:  mail@pdinfo.com.  Telephone is 770/993-8074.  Our facility includes a recording studio and we sometimes keep strange hours, so please leave a message if no one is available to take your call.  All calls and emails are usually answered the same day and virtually always by the next business day.

PD Info Website Terms of Use

Use of information on this website is at the user's risk.  We have made great efforts to make information on this site accurate.  However, Haven Sound, Inc. accepts no liability for errors or misuse wherever they occur or whatever the circumstances.

Material on this site may be printed by individuals for their personal use only.  PD Info is on the web to be used, but not abused.  No material on this web site may be reprinted, distributed, published, or sold without the express written consent of Haven Sound, Inc.

This web site is not maintained by an attorney or anyone with legal training.  It is simply a sharing of PD music research methods and experiences of musicians and sound engineers with low budget projects where large music royalties just were not affordable.  Use of this site is no substitute for legal advice.

If there is any doubt about the PD status of a musical work, we strongly recommend that you have any public domain research verified by an attorney or rights clearance organization. Even though you can be reasonably certain that you have properly identified PD music or lyrics, any error can potentially be quite expensive.

This site deals with Public Domain music and lyrics based upon copyright law of the United States of America only. Information on this web site about international copyright law is extremely limited and should not be used to determine PD status outside the US.

Do not use information on this site to attempt to identify public domain books, art, software, or other intellectual property.  Copyright laws and practices vary greatly among different types of intellectual property.  Information on this site is limited to works of music and lyrics.

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