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Games and Songs of American Children

Games and Songs of American Children

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  • Collected and Compared by William Wells Newell
  • Introduction and Index by Carl Withers
  • xxvii + 289 pages5-1/2" x 8-1/2Paperback
  • Copyright 1963
  • Dover Publications, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0486203549

In 1883, William Wells Newell gathered the melodies, rules, and movements of 190 games and songs.  These were collected in part from the children themselves and also from adults remembering games of their youth.  Lyrics or play instructions for 190 games and songs are included along with the history and origin of each game or song.  Lyrics and music staff melody line are included for 36 songs including "As We Go Round the Mulberry Bush", "The Farmer in the Dell", and "London Bridge is Falling Down"

PUBLIC DOMAIN STATUS: This book is an unabridged reprint of the 1903 second edition of a work first published by Harper and Brother in 1883.  The 1903 preface to the second edition is included along with an introduction to this 1962 Dover reprint.  This edition has been thoroughly indexed and the 16 page Appendix offers extensive bibliography and notes.  Since this is a reprint of a work published in 1903, all the songs, games, music, and lyrics are in the public domain in the United States.  This may not apply in countries outside of the United States where copyright protection may exist.

SONGS INCLUDED: All Up and Down, My Honey [Sugar Lump]   =][=  As We Go Round the Mulberry Bush  =][= Charlie Over the Water [Can't Catch Me]  =][=  Come Neighbors, the Moon Is Up [Frog Pond]  =][= Come, All Ye Young Men, in Your Evil Ways  =][=  Do, Do, Pity My Case [In Some Lady's Garden]   =][= The Farmer In the Dell  =][= Go Round and Round the Valley  =][= Green Gravel, Green Gravel, The Grass Is So Green  =][= Here We Come Gath'ring Nuts in May  =][= Here We Go Around This Ring  =][= Hog-Drivers We Air [And Kin We Git Lodgin' Here?]  =][=  I Tisket, I Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket  =][= I'm Walking on the Levy [For You Have Gained the Day]  =][= In Comes the Farmer, Drinking All the Cider   =][= It Was On a May, a Midsummer's Day  =][= Jail Keys All Rattl'ing Around You  =][= King William Was King James's Son  =][=  Kittie Put the Kettle On [We'll All Have Tea]  =][=   Lazy Mary, Will You Get Up  =][= London Bridge Is Falling Down  =][= Madam, I Come A-Courting, Hum, hum, Heigh-o Hum   =][= Miss Jenny Jones  =][= The Needle's Eye  =][=  Oats, Pease, Beans, and Barley Grows  =][= Oh Miss, I'll Give You a Paper of Pins =][= Ring a Ring a Rosie, A Bottle Full of Posie =][= Sailing at High Tide [Sailing in the Boat] =][= Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me?  =][= There She Stands, a Lovely Creature  =][= There Was a Tree Stood in the Ground  =][= Tread, Tread the Green Grass, Star, Star, Star  =][= Walking on the Green Grass, Walking Side by Side  =][= Water, Water, Wild Flowers, Growing Up So High  =][= When I Was A Shoemaker, a Shoemaker Was I  =][=

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