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Russian Songbook

Russian Songbook

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  • Edited by Rose N. Rubin and Michael Stillman
  • Introduction by Henrietta Yurchenko
  • xii + 100 pages9" x 12"Paperback
  • Copyright 1962 - Random House
  • Reprint: Dover Publications, Inc. - 1989
  • ISBN: 0486261182

Sheet Music for 44 songs including lyrics, vocal line, piano arrangement, and guitar chords . . .This book includes 25 folk songs and 19 popular songs including "Song of the Volga Boatmen", "Moscow Nights" and "Wait For Your Soldier".  Lyrics for each are shown in the original Cyrillic, in transliteration to approximate the sound of the Russian lyrics, and in an English singing translation.

PUBLIC DOMAIN STATUS: The publisher states:  "All the selections in this volume are in the Public Domain in the United States.  They may be used in these original versions or adapted or modified and used for any purpose, private, public, educational, or commercial.  No permission, fee, or royalty payment is required.  The above does not apply in countries outside of the United States where copyright protection may exist."

Part I: Folk Songs  =][=  Down the Volga River  =][=  Oh, You Dear Little Night  =][=  Down Along the Mother Volga  =][=  Dubinushka  =][=   The Slender Mountain Ash  =][=  Farewell to Happiness  =][=  The Little Bell   =][=  Do Not Scold Me and Do Not Reproach Me  =][=  No Sounds from the City are Heard  =][=  My Sweetheart   =][=  All Throughout the Great Wide World I Wandered   =][=  The Story of the Coachman  =][=  In the Meadow Stood a Little Birch Tree  =][=  The Boundless Expanse of the Sea   =][=  The Cliff on the Volga  =][=  Snow Flurries  =][=  Stenka Razin (From Beyond the Island)  =][=  Troika Rushing  =][=  Do Not Awaken My Memories  =][=  Along the Peterskaya Road  =][=  In the Valley  =][=  The Village on the Road  =][=  Kalinka (Little Snowball Bush)  =][=  Why Do You Gaze at the Road?  =][=  Song of the Volga Boatmen  =][= 

Part II: Popular Songs  =][=  Moscow Nights  =][=  Lonely Accordian  =][=   Katiusha  =][=  Wait For Me  =][=  Silently   =][=  Dark Is the Night  =][=  Strains of Guitar (On the River)  =][=  The Light   =][=  Wait for Your Soldier   =][=  Meadowland  =][=  Regimental Polka  =][=  My Heart   =][=  Far Away, Far Away  =][=  Should the Volga's Banks Be Flooded  =][=  Strolling Home  =][=  Who Knows Why  =][=  Through the Village  =][=  Clouds Have Risen Over the City  =][=  Song of Greeting  =][= 

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