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Slave Songs of the United States

Slave Songs of the United States

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  • Edited by William Francis Allen, Charles Pickard Ware, and Lucy McKim Garrison
  • Preface by Harold Courlander
  • 6 + xliviii + 112 pages5-3/8" x 8-1/2"Paperback
  • Published 1867, A. Simpson & Co., New York
  • Reprint with Preface - Copyright 1995
  • Dover Publications, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0486285731

Here are lyrics, melody line, and song notes to 136 songs.  First published in 1867, this landmark book represented the first systematic effort to collect and preserve the songs sung by the plantation slave of the Old South.  These songs were collected directly from the singers themselves.  Here are rare PD versions of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore", "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Had", "The Old Ship of Zion", and many others.

PUBLIC DOMAIN STATUS: This is an unabridged reprint of a book first published in the United States in 1867.  All the selections in this volume are in the Public Domain in the United States and should be PD in all other countries. Please note that only the lyrics and melody line music staff notes were included in this 1867 publication. No treble cleff/bass cleff piano arrangements are included.

Almost Over
Archangel, Open the Door
Aurore Bradaire
Away Down in Sunbury
Bell da Ring
Belle Layotte
Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Bound to Go
Brother Moses Gone
Brother, Guide Me Home
Build a House in Paradise
Children Do Linger
ComeAlong, Moses
Come Go With Me
The Day of Judgment
Don't Be Weary, Traveler
Early in the Morning
Every Hour in the Day
Fare Ye Well
Give Up the World
Go in the Wilderness
God Got Plenty o' Room
The Gold Band
Golden The Altar
Good News, Member
The Good Old Way
Good-Bye, Brother
The Graveyard
Gwine Follow
Hail, Mary
Hallelu, Hallelu
Happy Morning
Heave Away
Heaven Bell A-Ring
The Heaven Bells
Hold Out to the End
Hold Your Light
Hunting for a City
Hunting for the Lord
The Hypocrite and the Concubine
I and Satan Had a Race
I Can't Stand the Fire
I Can't Stay Behind
I Don't Feel Weary
I Hear from Heaven Today
I Know When I'm Going Home
I Saw the Beam in My Sister's Eye
I Want to Die Like-a Lazarus Die
I Want to Go Home
I Want to Join the Band
I Wish I Been Dere
I'm a Trouble in de Mind
I'm Going Home
I'm Gwine to Alabamy
I'm in Trouble
In the Mansions Above
Jacob's Ladder [Climb Up Jacob's Ladder]
Jehovah, Hallelujah
Jesus on the Waterside
Jesus, Won't You Come By-and-By
Jine 'Em
John, John of the Holy Order
Join the Angel Band
Jordan's Mills
Just Now
King Emanuel
Lay This Body Down
Lean on the Lord's Side
Let God's Saints Come In
Little Children, Then Won't You Be Glad
The Lonesome Valley
Lord, Make Me More Patient
Lord, Remember Me
Many Thousand Go
Meet, O Lord
Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Musieu Banjo
My Army Cross Over
My Body Rock 'Long Fever
My Father, How Long?
No Man Can Hinder Me
No More Rain Fall for Wet You
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Had
Not Weary Yet
O Brother, Don't Get Weary
O Daniel
O Shout Away
O'er the Crossing
The Old Ship of Zion
On to Glory
Poor Rosy
Praise, Member
Pray All de Member
Pray On
Rain Fall and Wet Becca Lawton
Religion So Sweet
The Resurrection Morn
Rock o' Jubilee
Rock o' My Soul
Roll, Jordan, Roll
Round the Corn, Sally
Run, Nigger, Run
Sabbath Has No End
Sail, O Believer
Satan's Camp A-Fire
Shall I Die?
Shock Along, John
Shout On, Children
The Sin-Sick Soul
Sinner Won't Die No More
The Social Band
Some Valiant Soldier
Stars Begin to Fall
Tell My Jesus "Morning"
There Are All My Father's Children
There's a Meeting Here Tonight
This Is the Trouble on the World
Travel On
The Trouble of the World
Turn Sinner, Turn O
Wai', Mr. Macwright
Wake Up, Jacob
We Will March Thro' the Valley
What a Trying Time
When We Do Meet Again
The White Marble Stone
Who Is on the Lord's Side
The Winter
Wrestle On, Jacob
You Must Be Pure and Holy

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