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IMPORTANT: This list is based on USA Copyright Law and is intended only as a help in researching public domain music. This list is NOT sufficient documentation that music is in the Public Domain. To prove PD status in the USA, you MUST find a published copy of the song with a copyright date of 1926 or earlier. Our PD Sheet Music Reprints are exact reprints of books and sheet music published in 1926 or earlier and include music, lyrics, and complete original copyright information. Some of these songs may not be PD in countries other than the USA.

 TitleV=Verse   C=Chorus   N=Note   P=Production
w=Words   m=Music
1 - 3  $5 ea
4 up  $4 ea
Songs are on this PD list if we have a pre-1927 PD sheet music publication in our library AND if anyone has asked about PD status of the song in the past 20 years.
Vacant Chair
1862 - Root PD Reprint
Popular Song
1925 - w. Lucien Boyer, Jacques Charles, Clifford Grey, m. Jose Padilla PD Reprint
Vive L'AmourSee Vive la Compagnie
Vive la Compagnie
Popular Song
1818 or earlier - English Traditional V - Let Bacchus to Venus libations pour fast, Vive la compagnie. And let us make use of our time to the last, Vive la compagnie. C - Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour, vive la, vive la, vive l'amour, Vive l'amour, vive l'amour, Vive la compagnie. PD Reprint
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